Pipeline Track®

Enterprise Asset Management System

Benefits of Pipeline Track®

Improve inventory and fleet tracking
Real-time access to detailed equipment and asset records
Automated or manual service order dispatch
Update work and job order status remotely
Simple customer and asset data capturing processes
Create notifications and service orders on the spot
Integrations with third party, backend systems

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Asset Management

Tubulars, OCTG, and equipment management, inventory control/views

Pipeline Track® is an enterprise asset management system with advanced functionality and robust features designed from inception to assist operators and contractors in the management of their critical assets. Our solutions improves the visibility and documentation of assets for optimal control and planning. From Pipe Manufacturers to Drilling contractors and operators can regain full control of all their assets across their operating fleet by leveraging the latest in RFID technologies and software solutions.

Tally Management

Tubulars and OCTG tally management and reporting
Create electronic drill pipe and OCTG tallies
View tallies by total length, weight, and tally type
Fully configurable tally attributes and fields
Generate shipping and inventory tallies
Fully tally reporting features and export options
Specify drilling stand types - singles, double, and triples

Inspection and Repair

Pipe inspection, API, TH-Hill, NS-1,custom profiles, inspection reports
Electronically capture inspection and repair data, field printing capabilities
Create custom inspection profiles to customer specifications
Standard industry inspection programs such as NS-1, TH-Hill,and API are included
Manaqe inspection teams and repair companies
Integrated Job Manager
Upload inspection images and documents

Yard & Storage Management

Yard, rack, and warehouse management, interactive views and inventory
Full function configurable yards and warehouse attributes
Real-time inventory views by yard and warehouse racks
Interactive yard and warehouse maps by location
Setup custom alert notifications and workflows
View yards and warehouse across your enterprise
Full function reporting capabilities of yard activity