Containment RFID

Full Chain Of Custody Containment Solutions

Cradle to Grave Responsible Tracking and Data Management

"Containment RFiD understands the importance of immediate, accurate data and information management in a critical environment"

~Todd M. Smith, Board of Governors, Shriners Hospital Galveston, TX
Tracking Materials is  Our Specialty

The most important aspect of a Hazmat Containment process is documenting and tracking exposed materials. EPA and CDC requirements mandate effective data and material management in both civil and government containment operations.

Your Best Ally When 100% Accuracy is Mandatory

Containment RFiD can quickly deploy (NOW) a tailor made Asset Management System to meet your needs. Cloud computing increases data access speed allowing clients to respond quickly to any business requirements. 

Meeting Your Compliance Needs

  • Reduced Risks

  • Real Time Data Access

  • GPS Material Mapping

  • Extreme Safety “Hands Off” Identification

  • “GEO Fence” Containment

  • Auto Alerts and Alarms

  • Improved Security

  • Live Synchronization